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The Complete Guide to Choosing Homes for Rent in Charlotte, NC

The Complete Guide to Choosing Homes for Rent in Charlotte, NC

Are you planning on moving to Charlotte NC?

Renting in this city is pretty easy, but you have to know what you want. Charlotte is growing pretty fast, and that opens up tons of opportunities.

You have to pick the right home type for you and think about size and layout for your needs. Different people prefer to rent an apartment or a home, and some won't want anything to do with a condo. There are pros and cons to consider, but most of it will be personal preference.

You also have to make specific decisions about your budget and the location you'd like. Charlotte is an amazing city, so it's hard to go wrong. Make a plan, see it for yourself, and read our complete guide to choosing homes for rent in Charlotte, NC to learn more.

Pick the Right Home Type for You

When deciding to rent instead of buy, it's still important to pick the right home for you. There are tons of homes for rent in Charlotte NC, but not all are equal. Houses, apartments, and condos are all on the table, but they have different pros and cons.

You also have to think about if home associations are a deal breaker or not.

You need a solid idea about what kind of home you want. Take some time to envision your needs and where your life might be 2 or 3 years from now. Consider if you're by yourself or if you have a family to think about.

No two people or families will be the same. You'll have unique preferences for the type of home that's right for you. Consider all of your rental options first.

Charlotte is a large city with tons to offer. Living in Charlotte is easy no matter which type of home you rent. Nevertheless, you have to choose and plan ahead.

Apartments vs. Traditional Houses

A good place to start is with apartments vs. traditional houses. Both will offer different pros and cons depending on your needs. Many families don't like settling for anything less than a home.

If you rent, you aren't tied down as you would be with a mortgage. This gives you the flexibility to eventually move on or buy your own place once you've saved up enough. You can have the comfort of a house without needing to qualify for a mortgage or save for a massive down payment.

That said, even renting homes comes with some considerations. You still have to maintain your yard and garden. This is something you wouldn't have to consider if you had an apartment.

If you rent a home, you might not have the freedom you might think of. While it's true you can't do extensive renovations in an apartment, renting a home comes with similar rules. However, most landlords in Charlotte are nice, so it won't be as big of a deal.

That said, this is something you have to take into account. Before renting a home, you should ask the landlord how they feel about the projects you have in mind. Most will love an ambitious renter who wants to improve the house out of their own pocket.

Some, however, won't even like you changing the garden too much. So the devil is in the details.

Deciding Based on Needs

Someone with a larger family might want a house. A bachelor or young family might like or prefer an apartment. There is enough overlap between the two for a conversation, but these archetypes generally hold.

Apartments don't come with yard space and generally tend to be smaller. You can find plenty of larger apartment rentals in Charlotte, though, with 3 or 4 bedrooms. Most apartments are also closer to the heart of the action.

This will drive up prices but also is super convenient. It can make commuting to work easier as you'll be close to great public transportation options. You won't have that suburban white picket fence feel with an apartment.

When choosing, you have to take your needs into account. If you rent a condo, you'll be stuck with a host of rules you must follow. That might not be worth the price or value of the rental to put up with.

Take some time to weigh the pros and cons of different types. Consider the market, your budget, but also your needs. Do you place a premium on yard space, multiple bedrooms, or peace and quiet, or do you want a convenient city life without worrying about extra space?

Take Size into Account

Always consider size when picking a place to rent in Charlotte NC. Homes for families will need the space, but this matters for everyone. Even rentals of the same type are usually built differently.

You might find two homes going for roughly the same monthly price. They might even offer near identical utilities, parking, and the like. The problem is one might be an open concept while the other is claustrophobic.

When a home or apartment gets built, they have to decide how to use their space. How large each room is, where the walls and supports are, and things like window placement all matter. You'll almost always have a sizing and spatial preference, so take that into account.

Know how large you need the bedrooms and what major furniture you are bringing with you. Make sure you have room for your couch and entertainment in the main room. If you prefer a queen or king bed, don't get stuck with a bedroom that's too small.

The total square footage might be the same as other options, but that doesn't mean it's going to be how you like it. Make sure the sizing, spacing, and layout are how you like it before settling on a place. Also, don't forget about the bathroom.

Location is Important

When moving to Charlotte NC there is a lot to consider. Your chosen area will affect everything from prices to employment and school opportunities. It might be worth doing some research on the neighborhoods in Charlotte first.

In general, Charlotte is a gorgeous and pretty safe city. It's easy to find places near some of the top school districts if you have kids.

You should figure out what kind of proximity you need to have to the downtown core. Ask yourself what kind of drive or bus ride is acceptable for you and your family on a daily basis. Living on the outskirts might be cheaper but more inconvenient.

If you work in the city, it might be beneficial to start your search there. The greater Charlotte area has some great neighborhoods to pick from as well. As such, it will usually come down to personal preference.

If you are moving to UNC Charlotte, then look into University City. It's a fantastic part of the city that attracts students and affiliated pros alike.

South Park is great for families that like convenience but don't want to be in the city center. North Davidson is a thriving artistic hub, while Uptown is the beating business heart. There's also Dilworth Myers Park and Eastover, which offer great history.

In general, Charlotte has 199 unique and charming neighborhoods to explore. There's sure to be something for everyone from all walks of life.

Consider All Costs

When looking to rent and comparing home prices in Charlotte, consider everything. This means comparing rent, utilities, and any other costs that might come up. Don't only look at flat rent, or you won't find the best deal.

Whenever you rent, there will be an assortment of different associated costs. Some places will include utilities like water and electricity with the rent. Others will charge you extra for a variety of amenities.

Internet, TV, phone, heating, parking, laundry, and a host of other amenities might also be extra. You want to make sure you get all of that ironed out first. When making a rental decision based on a budgetary decision, weigh everything.

Don't settle for taking the more expensive option before you've done this. Instead, compare the value for money of each rental you look at first. To do this, set a budget and look at the total picture of each place before you make any decisions.

Think about a Budget and Extra Fees

You need to have a solid budget when entering the rental market. It would help if you also considered the long-term costs associated with choosing one place over another. You might save on monthly rent at one place, but the other costs might catch up to you pretty quickly.

You might also want to consider if your rental belongs to a strata or homeowners association. There could be extra fees or costs associated with that. If renting an apartment, the laundry might not be in your unit.

Sharing a laundry with the rest of the building brings up concerns outside of cost. Still, depending on how much the laundry in your building costs, you might lose a lot of money long-term. You also have to look at fixed utility costs.

Sometimes finding rent bundled with utilities can save you money. Often they set the utilities at an average. If it was separate, it might lead to a bigger bill for you and your family.

That said, other times, you have to watch out. The cost of utilities might be set far too high for what you'd likely use. That extra money in your budget could go towards a better rental option altogether.

Inspect the Condition First Hand

Any guide, especially for first-time renters, will tell you this. You have to inspect each rental option firsthand. Don't take anyone's word for it, or only go off of pictures.

Make an appointment with a realtor for viewing and take a look. Make a list ahead of time of things you'll like and things that will be deal breakers. Pay extra attention to damage or things that will require extra work to fix.

Whenever you look at homes for rent, some downsides are inevitable. That doesn't mean you have to put up with whatever you find. Most landlords will fix minor issues you point out to them before you sign a lease.

However, it's the major issues you need to be aware of. This is especially true when it comes to houses. Things like mold, leaks, rotting wood, and foundational issues are all extreme examples.

You aren't likely to run into them, as landlords have a duty of care about these things. That said, anything is possible. You do have redress if you end up in a living situation that is dangerous or unacceptable.

However, you'd rather not have to deal with that headache or hassle. Inspect the rental yourself and keep an eye out for anything that would be a major expense or deal breaker. As mentioned earlier, talk to the landlord about renovations, especially if you want to take them on yourself.

What You Need to Know About Renting and Moving to Charlotte NC

Moving to Charlotte NC is a great choice since the city is beautiful, and there are many rental options available. As long as you have a solid plan of attack and know what you want in a rental, you should be good to go. Think about the type of home and neighborhood you want and how you envision your ideal space and home life.

Find something that matches your needs, budget, and preferences, and always see it in person first. It always helps to have realtors and property managers you can trust to help you find your dream rental. At Bottom Line Property Management, we know to put you first, so why not contact us today to find out more?

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