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Top School Districts When Moving to Charlotte, NC

Top School Districts When Moving to Charlotte, NC

North Carolina is currently experiencing migration levels unseen since it became the site of America's first gold rush. Are you among those flocking to this state looking for new opportunities today?

If you're moving to Charlotte, NC, soon, you won't find any nuggets lying around. Yet, you will strike gold if you're in search of employment opportunities, great neighborhoods, and things to enjoy.

The first step in planning your relocation means finding homes for rent in Charlotte, NC. This is our guide to the best school districts in the area to help you decide where to start your search. 

Finding a School When Moving to Charlotte, NC

The national ESSA report cards can make it easier to pinpoint the best schools in Charlotte, NC, but you must also consider several other factors.

These are the things to consider when choosing a school in Charlotte, NC:

  • Whether you prefer private or public education
  • Your child's needs
  • Your child's sporting interests
  • The neighborhood around the school
  • Your commute to work
  • Availability of suitable housing in the area

Some of the most popular high school sports offered near the sports-mad city of Charlotte include athletics, football, softball, volleyball, tennis, golf, and football. 

Most public schools in North Carolina offer students the chance to take Advanced Placement® coursework and exams.

Charlotte School Districts 

Ten school districts serve Charlotte. Together, they comprise a fantastic selection of middle schools, elementary schools, high schools, and private schools.

There are many schools focused on educating exceptional children such as Manus Academy, Fletcher School, and Philips Academy. These institutions specialize in educating children with ADHD, autism, and learning disabilities. 

There are also 9 colleges and 1 university in the Charlotte metro area. 

Fort Mill School District

Although it's considered a suburb of Charlotte, Fort Mill is in South Carolina. It covers a small area, but it attracts many students from neighboring districts due to its excellent schools.

It's ranked among the highest performing districts in the state and boasts many fantastic academic programs as well as enriching arts and sports activities. 

Some of the best local schools in Fort Mill include:

  • Pleasant Knoll Middle School
  • Springfield Middle School
  • Orchard Park Elementary School
  • Doby's Bridge Elementary School
  • Fort Mill High School
  • Nation Ford High School

The two best private schools in the area are Charlotte Catholic High School and Gaston Day School. 

Clover School District

Clover school district is in York County, SC, and boasts some of the state's most academically successful schools. There are seven primary schools, two middle schools, and one high school in this district, as well as an alternative academy.

It's the third-largest school district in the region and also has an extensive Pre-K program. Clover School District operates a modified middle school model, with Middle schools catering to students from the sixth to eighth grades. 

High schools admit students from grades nine to twelve. Some of your top choices for schooling in this district include:

  • Oakridge Elementary School
  • Crowders Creek Elementary School
  • Oakridge Middle School
  • Mann Middle School

The nearest private school is Gaston Day School in Gastonia. 

Union County Public Schools

Union County is the sixth-largest district in North Carolina, serving about 41,000 students at 53 campuses. This district caters to students from Sullivan, Morganfield, Sturgis, Uniontown, Waverly, and Marvin, one of the country's most affluent neighborhoods.

There are 17 dual language programs available in this district, as well as many STEM and agriculture programs. There's a high focus on preparing students for college when they attend these schools.

Some of the best schools in Charlotte, NC that fall under this district include:

  • Marvin Elementary School
  • Sandy Ridge Elementary School
  • Marvin Ridge High School and Middle School
  • Weddington High School and Middle School

The best-rated private schools in this area include Metrolina Christian Academy and Thales Academy.

The Mooresville Graded School District

MGSD is about 30 miles north of Charlotte in the town of Mooresville. There are three primary schools, two secondary schools, one middle school, and one high school in this area.

MIWAYE, an alternative academy, forms part of the high school. 

Students in this district excel academically, but there's also a strong focus on producing well-rounded adults via the Junior ROTC program. 

In this district, doing good work outside the classroom is a part of the curriculum, so you'll find students engage regularly in charity drives for their communities. 

With so few schools to choose from, there aren't any clear leaders when it comes to choosing a school in this district, but you can rest assured they're all of a high standard. 

Cabarrus County Schools

The Cabarrus County Schools district centers around Concord and offers 49 schools and 15 specialized programs. These include:

  • STEM
  • IB
  • Language Immersion
  • Performing Arts
  • Early Colleges
  • National Academy Foundation-Certified Academies
  • Balanced Calendar

Whatever they're doing in these schools seems to work well, as the 2019 class received over $35 million in scholarships. This is North Carolina's largest school district, offering excellent education opportunities at schools like:

  • Hickory Ridge High School
  • Cox Mill High School
  • Cabarrus Early College of Technology
  • Harris Road Middle School
  • JN Fries Magnet School
  • Harris Road Elementary School
  • Cox Mill Elementary School

If you prefer a private school education for your children, you should consider Cannon School or Covenant Classic School. 

Lincoln County Schools

In Lincoln County, you'll have a choice of four high schools, four middle schools, and thirteen elementary schools. There is one alternative school in this area as well as the Lincoln County School of Technology

All of these educational institutions boast excellent performance levels, ranking consistently high in Grade Level Proficiency, Career, and College Readiness.

There are just 830 students enrolled in this school district. Some of the best options include:

  • North Lincoln High School
  • Lincoln Charter School
  • North Lincoln Middle School
  • East Lincoln Middle School
  • Catawba Springs Elementary School
  • Rock Springs Elementary School

Choices for private schools include Greensboro Day School and Long Shoals Wesleyan Academy.

York School District No. 1

This suburban school district has over 5,000 students under its wing and caters to children from Hickory Grove, York, Sharon, and McConnells. 

There are just ten schools in this district, and the best of these are:

  • York Intermediate School
  • York Middle School
  • York One Academy
  • York Comprehensive High School
  • Floyd D. Johnson Technology Center

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

This is the public school system for Mecklenburg County and the second-largest in North Carolina, with over 147,000 students enrolled at its institutions. 

CMS operates 40 high schools in the area, including North Carolina's three largest ones. There are also 117 elementary schools and 50 middle schools in their portfolio.

These are your top choices when finding a school in this district:

  • Providence Spring Elementary
  • Irwin Academic Center
  • Ardrey Kell High
  • Providence High
  • Jay M Robinson Middle School
  • Bailey Middle School

If you prefer private schools, Providence Day School and Carmel Christian School are among the best. Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy holds second place in North Carolina school rankings. 

Rock Hill Schools

Rock Hill Schools educate over 18,000 students, providing a challenging and diverse learning environment, centered on training them for future success. 

You'll find these schools about 20 miles south of Charlotte, and they're rated as an excellent choice for most students. Some top picks among Rock Hill Schools include:

  • Cherry Park Elementary School
  • Lewisville High School
  • Sunset Park Center for Accelerated Studies
  • Mount Gallant Elementary School
  • Richmond Drive Elementary School
  • Dutchman Creek Middle School

There are many outstanding private schools in this district including Charlotte Catholic High School, St Anne Catholic school, and Westminster Catawba Christian School. 

Gaston County Schools

The Gaston County School district serves families from Gastonia, with about 30,000 students enrolled in schools. A Board of Education, consisting of 9 members, sets the school policies and standards for these institutions. 

You can choose from 29 high schools, 11 middle schools, 32 primary schools, and two special schools in Gaston County. The best ones include:

  • Mountain Island Charter School
  • W.A. Bess Elementary School
  • Highland School of Technology
  • Gaston Early College High School
  • Cramerton Middle School
  • Piedmont Community Charter School

Most schools in Gaston County boast graduation rates of over 80%, with three schools laying claim to a 100% graduation rate. As such, Gaston County School District earned STEM accreditation as a quality school system under AdvancED valid for five years from 2018.

Highland School of Technology tops the rankings for best schools in the Charlotte Metro area. 

Find the Best Homes for Rent in Charlotte, NC

Moving to Charlotte, NC is a big decision, but it brings plenty of rewards. The Tar-Heel state offers an excellent standard of education, great job opportunities, and warm southern hospitality. 

Once you've decided where to settle in this bustling metropolis, your next task is finding suitable homes for rent in Charlotte, NC. 

Our website is a great source of information to guide your relocation. Browse our blog for more information and check out our available rentals to help ease the transition.

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