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Who's Moving to Charlotte and Where Are They Moving From?

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Who's Moving to Charlotte and Where Are They Moving From?

In recent years, Charlotte has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. A study analyzing 2015 to 2019 census data found that there were about 19,700 people who moved to Charlotte within that period. The highest influx was experienced during the pandemic, but the number continues to rise. And studies show that between 2020 and 2021, about 84 people moved to Charlotte everyday. 

This flood of new residents indicates that Charlotte is one of the most attractive places in North Carolina. But what is causing so many people to move here? This blog post looks at the main cities people are moving from to Charlotte and the reason for the move. Before moving to Charlotte, you need to know everything to expect in this beautiful and fast-developing city.

From Which Cities are People Moving to Charlotte

People are flocking from all corners of America to make their homes in Charlotte. But where exactly are they coming from? Here we look at some of the largest sources of migration.

New York: This is where most people migrate from. Studies show that between 2015 and 2019, approximately 9,000 people moved from New York to Charlotte. Currently, it's estimated that about 6,500 people move from New York annually to Charlotte.

Florida: Although many have been moving to Florida, a real estate expert attested that most leave within a year because of the high cost of living and heat. Many have moved to Charlotte because of the low cost of living and friendly community. However, before moving, you must consider the cost of moving from Florida to North Carolina and choose the most effective and affordable means.

Rochester: Unemployment, high cost of living, ridiculous rent rates, and high taxes force people to move from Rochester in search of greener pastures. Studies show that between 2015 and 2019, more than 1,187 people moved from Rochester to Charlotte.

Jacksonville: Jacksonville has a weak public transportation system, a high crime rate, low job opportunities, high pest intrusion, and humid weather. This has forced many people to move to other states and cities, including Charlotte. Between 2015 and 2019, about 917 residents moved from JAX to Charlotte. 

Detroit: Many residents of Detroit have moved to other cities, Charlotte included. People are moving from Detroit because the cost of living is high. Thus, those looking to retire had to move to a cheaper city with a close-knit community. Others left because of lifestyle changes or health reasons.

Phoenix: Despite Arizona having no estate & inheritance tax, and reasonably low income and property taxes, the city of Phoenix still ranks among America's most expensive places to live. It has one of the highest sales tax, ranking 11th in the U.S. And the people are not as nice as they used to be, as many have also moved to Phoenix. For this reason, many have moved from Phoenix to Charlotte. Between 2015 and 2019, it's estimated that more than 860 residents of Phoenix moved to Charlotte for greener pastures.

Spartanburg: Known for being one of South Carolina's fastest-growing cities, Spartanburg has a high crime rate and the poverty levels rate at 21.1%, which is significantly higher than other states in the U.S. And these are the reasons why many are moving across borders into North Carolina's booming metropolis, Charlotte. More than 1,065 residents moved to Charlotte from Spartanburg between 2015 and 2019.

Columbus: Recent data released by United Van Lines show that Ohio is among the top states people move from either because of work, retirement, or family and lifestyle changes. And between 2015 and 2019, about 650 residents of Columbus moved to Charlotte.

Pittsburgh: According to the United States Census, about 13,755 people moved from Pittsburgh between July 2020 and July 2021. Steel City is known for its economic hardships, aging population, high taxes, and high cost of living, prompting people to move to Charlotte with a low cost of living and better jobs.

Boston: While it's one of America's most iconic cities, people living there are moving because of the high cost of real estate and the long commute times to work. Thus people are moving to states with better taxes and living conditions, such as Charlotte.

Reasons People are Moving to Charlotte

Charlotte has become quite popular among Americans seeking a better quality of life or simply wanting something different from their home state. It is estimated that about 100 people move to Charlotte daily, which is expected to keep growing. Here are some reasons people are moving to Charlotte:

  • Beautiful Neighborhoods and Homes

Charlotte is known for its gorgeous neighborhoods and affordable housing options. From suburban homes to luxury apartments, there's something for everyone here. Here are some of the best neighborhoods if you want to move to Charlotte:

Dilworth is family-friendly and hosts many festivals. The houses are mainly bungalows with a white picket fences.

Myers Park: Gorgeous and luxurious mansions. Myers Park is family-centered and hosts several museums, restaurants, and shops.

Other neighborhoods include Ballantyne, Uptown, NoDa, Midtown, Elizabeth, South End, and East End.

  • Close-Knit Community

Although Queen City is large, its residents have a very strong sense of community, making it a great place to build relationships and make new friends. People who have moved here attest to how great the city is as it has not lost the small-town charm. And everywhere you go, locals are very welcoming.

  • Family-Friendly

With plenty of parks, museums, and other attractions, Charlotte is an excellent place to raise children. You'll also find plenty of playgrounds, the restaurants have kids' menus, and they host lots of sports leagues and summer camps.

And don't forget that the small-town charms come with many festivities and events that a family can enjoy. The education system is also excellent, as Charlotte has great public and private schools.

  • Lots of Things to Do in Charlotte

Whether you're into sports or culture, there's always something going on in this vibrant city. And as we've seen, kids have plenty of activities to keep them occupied, and you can also go hiking or swimming at Lake Norman.

  • Outstanding Schools

Education is one of the many reasons folks are moving to Charlotte. The Mecklenburg area in Charlotte has the largest school district, with 169 schools. And there are also great colleges like Davidson and UNCC, which offer quality education to the residents.

  • Low Cost of Living

Compared to other cities across America, Charlotte's living costs are quite reasonable, making it easier for people with limited budgets to live comfortably here. And the booming economy is making the city more attractive to big city dwellers.

  • More Employment Opportunities

As one of the fastest-growing cities in America, employment opportunities in Charlotte have been steadily increasing over recent years, providing job seekers with more choices than ever before.

Charlotte is ranked 24th by Glassdoor as the best place to find employment in the U.S. If you are in finance and healthcare, you will probably have an easier time finding work as Charlotte's job market relies heavily on finance, insurance, and healthcare.

Things You Must Know Before Moving to Charlotte

Before you decide to make a move to Charlotte, there are a few things that you should know about this vibrant city.

  • The Culture

Because of the many people moving to Queen City, you must acknowledge that Charlotte is home to diverse cultures and backgrounds, making it an exciting place to live in. 

The city boasts of its southern hospitality, which new residents quickly pick up and carry on. And chances are you will make friends faster here than in bigger urban areas. So if you are an introvert, be ready to have strangers greeting you on the streets, as friendliness is Charlotte's culture.

The population is also diverse, and you will find many people from all ethnicities, walks of life, and religious backgrounds. 

  • Job Market

The job market in Charlotte is favorable, and it hosts the headquarters of large companies including the Bank of America, Lowes, and American Airlines. You can be sure other companies are looking to open branches in Charlotte. Plenty of healthcare facilities employ social workers and healthcare providers. And tech jobs are up and rising. Coupled with the favorable housing rates, those working remotely can easily move to Queen City.

  • Best Neighborhoods

Charlotte has some of the best neighborhoods. Dilworth, Myers Park, Uptown, NoDa, Ballantyne, and Southend are some of the most popular neighborhoods in the area, so do your due diligence before deciding where you want to live.

  • Weather

The weather in Charlotte is unpredictable, with hot summers and cold winters. And it's not a wonder to find it humid during summer. However, living in Charlotte allows you to experience a green summer. If you have allergies, make sure to carry your medication along, as there is lots of pollen because of the flowering trees.

Summer can be tough as the weather gets scorching, but you'll also experience rain here and there, which helps things cool down. But fall will make you feel everything is worth it as the foliage transforms the city into an array of colors. Additionally, Charlotte enjoys a relatively mild winter, so you won't be locked indoors.

  • Transportation

Getting around town is a breeze with plenty of public transportation options such as light rail lines and bus routes. They also have a bike-sharing program in the southeast part of the city where you can rent a bike to move around instead of getting stuck in traffic. Conveniently, the city also boasts two airports for those who travel often for work or play!

  • Education

Charlotte is home to some of the best schools in America, from elementary schools up to colleges and universities. The city has more than 20 institutions of higher education.

Things to Do And Places to Visit in Charlotte

Now that you know what it's like to live in this vibrant city, here are some things to do and places to visit during your stay:

  • Visit the museums: The Charlotte Museum of History, the Schiele Museum or National History & Planetarium, Carolinas Aviation Museum, and the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. You can also visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
  • Attend festivals: These include Carolina Renaissance Festival, barbeque and Blues festival, Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade, Festival in the Park, Carolina Balloon Festival, Taste of Charlotte, and Warbirds over Monroe.
  • Go hiking: Best hiking trails in Charlotte include Carolina Thread Trail, Little Sugar Creek Greenway, Reedy Creek Nature Centre, Four Mile Creek Greenway, U.S White Water Centre: Channel Loop, and Preserve.
  • Swimming: There are plenty of places to go for swimming in Charlotte, including public swimming pools, lakes, streams, state parks, and swim holes. Some of the best swimming points include Ramsey Creek Park, Lake Norman Cove at Jetton, and the Quarry and Carrigan Farm.

Final Thoughts

Charlotte is fast becoming one of America's most attractive cities for people looking for a change. With its affordable living costs, excellent job market, outstanding schools, and close-knit community, Charlotte has become an ideal destination for many across America seeking to start anew.

So if you're considering making your move here, make sure that you do some research beforehand to ensure that you get off on the right foot.

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