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Successfully Sell Your Properties

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Successfully Sell Your Properties

Now that your place is fixed and ready to be sold, where are all the buyers? Even within a housing market as fertile as Charlotte’s, it can still be tough to drum up potential buyers. Luckily there are some helpful tricks to get things moving towards your favorite two words: “final sale.”   The most important step for any realtor is to begin creating a “Buyers List.” In her article, “How to Find Buyers for Your Real Estate Properties,” successful realtor, Elizabeth Klingseisen explains that this list is the foundation to creating an effective sell. How does one go about building this list? Here are a few of the best ways, according to Klingseisen:

  1. Create a website. If you are seriously into selling houses—whether flipped, lived in, or otherwise—it is a good idea to create a company website. Once you have a site, potential buyers have a place to independently research what is on the market. Blog posts and company context blurbs are great ways to build an email list of possible clients.
  2. Advertise as much as possible. There are a lot of options with this route: Craigslist, social media sites, even print advertisements work. The key is to find the avenue(s) that work best for you, and then to stick to them so you can build a solid list of potential buyers.
  3. Conferences, investor clubs, online groups, these are wonderful ways to gain new perspectives and discuss the market with others. It’s also a way to find more buyers to add to the list!
  4. Find a mentor. If you are relatively new to Charlotte’s real estate market, don’t try and figure things out on your own. Find a coach or a mentor who can walk you through the tough bits and act as a sounding board when new ideas present themselves.
  5. Create a positive reputation. In this business reputation is everything. In a market such as Charlotte’s, if you don’t do things right word gets around. Do what’s best for your buyers, even if it means losing a little profit. In the long run, it will be worth it.

And for the last piece of advice? Don’t wait. Get to work right away by following these key pieces of advice!   Source:Elizabeth Klingseisen - “How to Find Buyers for Your Real Estate Properties.” Line Property Management's leadership team and Real Estate Agents are all licensed by the NC & SC Real Estate Commission (NCREC) (SCREC)

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