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Moving to Charlotte, NC: How to Plan Your Move Cross Country

Moving to Charlotte, NC: How to Plan Your Move Cross Country

The population of Charlotte, NC, has exploded over the last 20 years. Back at the turn of the century, fewer than 1 million people lived in Charlotte. Today, there are well over 2 million people living in Charlotte.

Are you thinking about moving to Charlotte, NC? If you live somewhere on the East Coast, you shouldn't have too much trouble doing it.

But if you're planning to move cross country to settle in Charlotte, it'll be a much different story. It can be very challenging to plan a move to Charlotte when you live somewhere on the West Coast.

Not to worry, though. With some careful planning, you can move cross country and start living in your new home in Charlotte without driving yourself too crazy. You just need to take the right approach to for your cross-country move.

Here is a guide on how to plan your move cross country successfully.

Start by Learning as Much as You Can About Charlotte, NC

Making a move cross country is a very big deal. So you shouldn't do it unless you're absolutely sure that you want to live in a new city.

With this in mind, you should attempt to find out everything you can about Charlotte, NC, before doing anything else. You should read up on everything from the taxes that you'll pay in your new state to the nightlife scene that you'll enjoy in it.

The last thing that you want to do is move all the way to Charlotte and discover that you don't like it as much as you anticipated you would. It could put you in a position where you'll either have to suck it up for the time being and see if you grow to love it or move again to a different city or even state.

Look For a New Job in the Charlotte, NC Area

One thing you shouldn't have to worry about too much when moving to Charlotte, NC, is finding a job. The Charlotte job market is widely regarded as one of the hottest job markets in the country.

This helps to explain why Charlotte's population has grown as quickly as it has. It's typically very easy for those who move to Charlotte to find well-paying jobs in the industries that they work in.

That being said, you shouldn't just assume that you'll be able to find work in your industry after moving to Charlotte. You should start your job search now and line up a job if you can prior to your cross-country move.

Search For Homes for Rent in Charlotte, NC

Once you're able to find a job in Charlotte, NC, your cross-country move is going to begin to feel real. It'll be time for you to search for homes for rent in Charlotte, NC, so that you have someplace to live as soon as you arrive in the city.

Because the population of Charlotte is growing by leaps and bounds, it can sometimes be difficult to track down housing in the city, especially if you're looking for something very specific. But a good property management company should be able to set you up with some fantastic options.

You should give some thought to which type of home you would like to rent in Charlotte before conducting a search. This should help you hone in on the kind of home that is going to work best for you.

You might be tempted to buy a home in Charlotte rather than renting one, but it'll usually be a much better idea to rent one for at least a year. Doing this will help you decide if living in Charlotte long-term is the right move for you to make.

Donate or Throw Out as Many Personal Possessions as You Can

Recent reports have revealed that the average home has upwards of 300,000 things in it. If your house has anywhere close to that number of things in it, trying to move cross country to Charlotte, NC, will be a nightmare for you.

It's why you should make it your mission to either donate or throw out as many of your personal possessions as you can prior to moving. The more that you're able to get rid of, the easier your move will be in the end.

It might not be easy to part with some of your possessions. But you're going to be getting a fresh start in a new city. Do you really want to lug around a bunch of old stuff and bring it along with you?

Begin Packing to Move Cross Country as Soon as Possible

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise to hear that many people consider moving to be the most stressful life event they ever have to go through. It's not easy to move homes, regardless of how far a new home is from an old one.

And it's not easy at all when you're moving from home on one side of the country to the other. You're going to feel stressed out at times because of all the logistics associated with your move.

One way to make moving cross country a little less stressful is to start packing for your move as soon as you can. You're going to be asking for trouble if you wait until the 11th hour to begin packing up all your possessions.

Ideally, you should try to give yourself at least a few months to pack for a cross-country move, if not even more time than that. All this extra time will alleviate some of the anxiety that you'll feel and leave you a lot less stressed than you would be otherwise.

Hire a Cross-Country Moving Company to Help You Out

Moving to Charlotte, NC, on your own is going to make you want to pull all of your hair out. You should not attempt to do it alone under any circumstances.

You might think that renting a big box truck and moving across the country will be fun. But it's going to take you a long time to do it. By the time you arrive in Charlotte, you're going to be exhausted, and you'll still have to do most of the heavy lifting associated with moving when you get there.

To prevent this, you should hire a cross-country moving company to lend a hand to you. They can help you move cross country in no time at all without you losing your mind.

When you're in the market for a cross-country moving company, you should look for one that has these qualities:

  • A whole lot of experience within the moving industry
  • Cross-country moving services
  • A solid reputation among those who have used their cross-country moving services
  • Affordable long-distance moving services

You should not simply hire the first cross-country moving company you can find. It could put you in a tough spot and make your cross-country move very difficult on you.

Consider Shipping Your Vehicles to Charlotte, NC

If you only own a single vehicle, you might be able to get away with driving it from coast to coast. You might also be able to save money when you drive your car to Charlotte, NC, on your own as opposed to having it shipped there.

But if you own multiple vehicles or if you don't feel like driving all the way across the country, you might want to look into shipping your vehicle to Charlotte. There are car shipping companies that would be more than happy to help you with this aspect of your move.

A moving company like this can pick up your car or cars from your current home and get them to your new home in Charlotte fast. They can also make sure that your car stays safe at all times when it's being transported to North Carolina.

Additionally, you might actually find that shipping a car will cost right around the same price as driving it will, especially with gas prices being as high as they are. If this is the case, you'll have no reason to drive your car to Charlotte yourself when you can get an auto shipping company to assist you.

Aim to Stay as Organized as You Can

The key to making a successful cross-country move is staying organized. If you aren't organized while you're working your way through the moving process, you're going to be stressed pretty much the whole time.

There are lots of different ways in which you can stay organized as you move from the West Coast to the East Coast. You can do it by:

  • Clearly label all the boxes that you pack to move to Charlotte, NC
  • Putting all your moving boxes in a part of your house where it'll be easy for movers to get to them
  • Keeping a running list of all the moving companies, property management companies, etc., that you're in contact with
  • Creating a schedule for when certain things will need to be done as you move

It seems like staying organized while you move would be simple enough, right? But far too often, people will just sort of "wing out" when it comes to organizing a move and pay the price for it later. You don't want to do this under any circumstances.

Map Out the Things You Would Like to See and Do in Charlotte, NC

At certain times throughout the course of your move to Charlotte, NC, you will wonder why you're putting yourself through it. You might think: "Nevermind! I'm just going to cancel my move and stay where I'm at!"

To get yourself out of this funk, you should start mapping out all of the things that you want to see and do upon your arrival in Charlotte. It'll give you all the motivation that you'll need when things get hard.

You can pull out this list of things and look over it to provide your system with a quick jolt. It'll work wonders for you as you begin to inch your way closer to making your cross-country move.

Make Your Cross-Country Move

As long as you work your way through each of the steps that we just talked about, you'll be ready to move to Charlotte, NC. The only thing left to do will be to pick up your possessions and get moving.

You should say goodbye to all those people you're leaving behind and spend some time thinking about the memories you made in your current home. It won't be long before you're pulling up in front of your new one and preparing to make new memories in it.

Moving can be bittersweet in many ways. But once you make your way to Charlotte and get settled in, you'll be reminded of why you wanted to do it in the first place. You'll be able to begin to put down some roots and make Charlotte your new home.

Moving to Charlotte, NC? Contact Us for Rental Properties

Finding a home for rent in Charlotte, NC, should be one of your top priorities when you're preparing to move cross country. You shouldn't start packing up anything until you have a place all picked out.

If you need help with this part of the process, our property management company can assist you in finding a great rental. We can also talk to you more about what it's like to live in Charlotte.

Contact us today to speak with someone about the rental properties that are available in Charlotte at the moment.

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