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Design Your Dream Home with Radvi’s Architects

Design Your Dream Home with Radvi’s Architects

With its growing economy, excellent infrastructure and pleasant year round climate, it’s no wonder more and more NRI’s and locals are investing in Coimbatore. Recognised as one of the region's best luxury property agents, Radvi focuses on helping NRI’s invest back in India’s properties. Whether you’re after purchasing a luxury villa, designing your new dream home or rather need some flare with your indoor and outdoor designing, their team of builders, architects, designers and investment consultants can help. The team is always willing to take on a challenge, whether your project is yet to start or is already underway. 

Their team is backed with 30+ years of industry experience, composed of individuals who know India’s regions back to front. Helping their clients from beginning to end, their services include, but are not limited to:

  • Land purchase consultancy

  • Home building architectural services

  • Commercial property architectural services

  • Interior design

  • Home automation

  • Renovations

  • Landscape designing

  • Swimming pool builds 

The team has extensive local knowledge of the Coimbatore region and surrounding regions and states, making them one of India’s strongest real estate agencies. Understanding all the paperwork and government technicalities, their agents will help you from start to finish with your build, buy or renovations. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of what they do, committed to meeting all their clients requirements and sticking within their budgets. The team will work closely with you to find out your property preferences, expectations and the amount you have to spend on the services. 

Coimbatore Architects You Can Trust

Requiring intricate planning from the get go, designing your dream property requires architects that know what they’re doing. Whether you’re a local wanting to build a new commercial hot spot or rather a NRI looking to plan your luxury villa for overseas getaways, the agency will do it all - ground planning and layout, conceptual designs and hiring contractors to make it come to life. Architectural designing has many components to it, including:

  • Deciding on space for the interior and exterior

  • Deciding on the lines for shape, form and volume of the property

  • Choosing the right colors for aesthetic appeal and styling

Looking to find the best architect in Coimbatore? Radvi’s architects will create your dream property blueprint. From working out the best space utilization, electricity and water connections to planning your outdoor area and property security, they’ll design your property with whatever style you’re after. Keeping your style and design at the forefront of the job always, their specialist architects will design a home or commercial property that looks and lasts the long yards. Having designed residential and commercial properties for hundreds of clients, the team is proud of their hard work and highly-recognized projects. Whether you’re after a Victorian-era property or rather a Tuscan style rustic one, Radvi’s architects will get you exactly what you want. 

Offering services throughout their locations, their agents know the ins and outs of the states of Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Telangana. With all states seeing recent expansion, professional growth and industrial scaling, there’s many benefits of investing, building or revamping property. From residential renovations and styling to commercial property development, their team is 100% reliable and are prepared for any project, big or small.

Get in touch with the Radvi team today for a consultation.

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