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What to Know Before Moving to Charlotte, NC

What to Know Before Moving to Charlotte, NC

Whether you're moving to Charlotte, NC for education, work, or just a change of scenery, this guide covers what you should know before you go!

Are you moving to Charlotte NC?

Moving to the largest city in North Carolina can an array of exciting experiences. From fine dining to sports events, renting in Charlotte NC gives you a taste of the city life everyone dreams of. However, it’s better to set your expectations before moving.

Excited to know more? Read the rest of our guide before finding a home in Charlotte NC.

1. Unpredictable Weather

The weather in Charlotte is famous for its mood swings. Often, clear skies and a sunny day can shift into a downpour. The cycle between these weather conditions can last within a few minutes.

One of the best tips for moving to Charlotte NC is to always keep an umbrella with you. Summers won’t hit 95 degrees but remain humid and muggy. In these months, rainfall is common.

You’ll experience the humidity the most from May to September. As for winter, it’s chilly and wet, with temperatures going as low as 20 degrees. However, the city only receives a few inches of rain per year.

2. Sports Enthusiast Paradise

Charlotte has two sports teams: The Hornets for NBA and the Panthers for NFL. Aside from these, three minor league teams call the city their home. They play baseball, hockey, and soccer.

As for race car enthusiasts, North Carolina’s Queen City has the NASCAR Hall of Fame. You can find this in Uptown Charlotte. If you want to see live-action racing, go to the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

You’ll see lots of races as the year progresses. Some of these include the NASCAR All-Star Race and the Coca-Cola 600. With all these, you’ll always have a sporting event to watch all year round.

3. Cheap Cost of Living

Most states experiencing rapid urban growth have higher rent. However, renting in Charlotte NC isn’t as budget-breaking. Some offer one-bedroom apartments for $1,200, while others $1,400 for two-bedroom ones.

Affordable rent isn’t the only benefit you’ll enjoy living in this city. The utility costs aren’t as expensive too.

On average, you’ll pay around $140 for utilities. This includes heating, cooling, and electricity.

These make North Carolina and Charlotte’s cost of living below the national average. It’s a vital thing to consider if you’re downsizing. Before moving, it's best to learn the right time to sell your rental property.

4. More Banking Options

It’s almost impossible to find banks that won’t have a Charlotte-based branch. Two major US banks, Bank of America and Wachovia, consider the city as their headquarters. The Bank of America is a Fortune 500 company, making it reliable for your banking needs.

Here are other financial institutions you can find within the city:

  • BB&T
  • First-Citizens Bank
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Bank of Granite
  • New Dominion

Wells Fargo’s East Coast Operations also operate in Charlotte. Aside from banks, local credit unions have at least one branch here. The banking sector gives lots of employment for residents.

5. Bustling Uptown

Uptown is Charlotte’s name for its downtown area. It isn’t as popular as a food and drink destination before. However, a recent surge in trendy bars and restaurants put it on the radar.

Various major restaurants and establishments cater to your needs. Whether you’re going for a first date or an after-work cocktail, Charlotte can offer something. It’s almost impossible for your dining experience to become repetitive.

6. Full of Well-Preserved History

Charlotte is a great place for people interested in history. Its residents preserve and display its rich history. Go to the Levine Museum of the New South, for starters.

This museum displays both the good and the bad of Charlotte’s Civil War history. Whether you’re a tourist or a resident, this interactive museum is informative. It lets you understand the Civil War and how Charlotte fared after.

If you have children, the Levine Museum is a great place to be. They host family days throughout the year. Students and classes also benefit since they have educational programs.

Aside from this prestigious museum, Charlotte has other historical sites. The area around the city is also rich in history. North Carolina Transportation Museum is one of NC's popular attractions.

7. Affordable Quality Education

Your children deserve a brighter future with the gift of education. Moving to Charlotte means having some top-ranking schools within your reach. These include:

  • Charlotte School of Law
  • Queen University of Charlotte
  • Central Piedmont Community College
  • University of North Carolina

You’ll never run out of options when you’re in Charlotte. The city has 38 colleges and universities. You're sure to find one that suits your children’s needs.

8. Employment Opportunities

As said above, large banking centers make Charlotte their home. It’s one of the biggest financial hubs in the United States. Consider moving to this city if you’re looking for lots of white-collar job offers.

Charlotte’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average. This is good news for your family, especially if you’re recovering from financial strain.

9. Most Attractive and Significant City in the Southeast

Charlotte’s primary residents are professionals between 25 and 30 years old. It makes the city one of the best places for fresh college graduates. You’ll likely find a home that fits your budget without skimping on amenities.

Each neighborhood in Charlotte has unique tastes and themes. For example, the Fourth Ward has a mix of charming Victorian houses and modern apartments. The streets are quaint and have lots of historical value.

Lots of homes for rent in Charlotte NC have colorful and interesting people. It’s easier to mingle and find new friends. Most are open-minded and accepting of new experiences.

Start Moving to Charlotte NC Today

Why move to Charlotte NC, you ask? Moving to Charlotte NC means having fulfilling options regardless of your interests. Whether you’re a student or a worker, the city gives ample opportunities for excellence.

Looking for a home to rent in Charlotte? Check out our rental listings and get the best deals out there.

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