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9 Amazing Things About Moving to Charlotte, NC in 2023

9 Amazing Things About Moving to Charlotte, NC in 2023

Research shows that around 319,000 people made the decision to move to North Carolina in 2019. They joined the millions of families who already call the Tar Heel state home. 

A lot goes into the moving process, though. At first glance, moving to Charlotte, NC may seem confusing and challenging. It doesn't have to be!

That's why we're here to help. Once you look into homes for rent in Charlotte, NC (here's a step-by-step article on that) comes the fun part! 

You likely have one or two main reasons you're interested in Charlotte, like a job relocation. May we interest you in a few more? Here are nine of our favorite benefits of moving to Queen City in 2023!

1. Breathtaking Homes for Rent in Charlotte, NC

Before you can really appreciate all that this city has to offer, you'll need to look at homes in Charlotte, NC. If the thought of going through the rental or buying process makes your head hurt, remember that you don't have to do this on your own!

At Bottom Line Property Management, we believe in our mantra "Your Home - Our Priority" wholeheartedly. Our mission is to provide you with the most efficient home renting process to get you living in Charlotte, NC sooner. 

The real estate market is unpredictable, but our licensed professionals know how to achieve your goals no matter the fiscal climate. Head to the Rental Search tab on our site to browse local homes for rent in Charlotte, NC. You can even filter down the search results to show only homes that meet your needs! 

2. Endless Possibilities for Career Growth

Charlotte is projected to grow by 50% in the coming years, according to WCNC Charlotte. In fact, about 104 people move to the area every day.

Families, entrepreneurs, retired couples, and students alike are flocking to Charlotte for multiple reasons. One of the biggest factors that attract new citizens is the booming job market. People want a city where they can feel secure in their careers and Charlotte welcomes this exploration. 

3. Exquisite Cuisine for All Taste Buds

If a city is only as good as its food, then Charlotte is spectacular. The food atmosphere is as unique and diverse as the citizens of Charlotte themselves!

We recommend sinking your teeth into southern food reimagined at Leah & Louise, run by renowned chef Greg Collier. For a taste of France in your own backyard, stroll down to Amelie's French Bakery and Cafe to pick up some macarons or a variety of other delicacies. 

Ever wanted to eat Vietnamese food out of a pineapple? Look no further than Lang Van, a hit lunch spot with over 140 menu options! 

Mouth-watering aromas spill into every street in Charlotte, so you could try something new each week!

4. A+ Schools

The school districts in Charlotte bring in families from all over the country. According to research from the U.S. Department of Education, Charlotte hosts the second-best elementary school in NC. Their selection of public middle and high schools rank above the average as well. 

Charlotte is home to a whopping 78 private schools if you are considering that route. This number consists of highly-rated charter schools, magnet schools, Montessori schools, and other prep institutions. 

If the next step in your educational journey is college, look no further than The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The Tar Heels are part of the NCAA Atlantic Coast Conference. Students are part of over 90 undergraduate programs and 100 graduate programs. 

UNC is one of nine colleges in the city of Charlotte; however, there are even more in the surrounding counties.

There are private colleges in Charlotte, like Queens University of Charlotte, and community colleges like Central Piedmont. You're bound to find the perfect match for your budget and aspirations!

5. Dazzling Landscapes and Unbeatable Weather 

The natural grandeur of the United States is no better represented than in North Carolina. The Appalachian Mountains tower in the west and at their base, the Piedmont Plateau stretches toward the east. Settled in the hub of all the beauty is Charlotte. 

Charlotte will satisfy even the pickiest of planners. Its hot summers are perfect for tanning by the water and hosting outdoor barbeques. Winter in Charlotte consists of around five inches of snow and will stick around long enough to rock those trendy, cozy outfits that you look forward to all year!

Spring and fall in Queen City look quite similar; you can expect temperate weather and a few seasonal showers. It is difficult to find a city with four distinct seasons on the east coast, but the weather in Charlotte does not disappoint. 

6. Low Cost of Living

For many, the cost of living is one of the most influential aspects concerning a decision to relocate. 

According to recent research, the cost of living in Charlotte, NC is five percent lower than the national average. There's more good news; housing costs are fourteen percent lower, utilities are eight percent lower, and groceries are six percent lower. 

A lower cost of living means than the national average means that you'll reap more benefits for less! Plus, you can likely guarantee that your standard of living will only go up if you transfer to a similar job in Charlotte. 

By moving to Charlotte, NC, you'll be able to spend less on things like rent or taxes and more on what you love. Invest more in going out, taking classes, visiting museums, or starting a family!

7. Competitive Sports Fans

Whether you're rooting for a strikeout, touchdown, penalty kick, or turkey (that's a bowling term, right?), Charlotte has a team for you. 

Arguably one of the state's most famous teams, the Carolina Panthers, plays out of Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. This NFL team boasts a Superbowl appearance back in 2004 and is led by quarterback Cam Newton, who holds the NFL record for most rushing touchdowns. To boost your Panther pride, check out their site here. 

Charlotte, NC is also home to an NBA team. The Hornets are owned in part by legendary player Michael Jordan and play at the Spectrum Center. 

You can also find a minor league professional ice hockey team (the Checkers), a minor league baseball team (the Knights), a major league lacrosse team (the Hounds), and a United Soccer League team (Independence). Your weekends are about to be jam-packed with hometown pride!

8. Places to Roam the Great Outdoors

If you decide to step away from arenas and football fields for the weekend, you'll find just as much action in the environment surrounding Charlotte. Because Charlotte is nestled at the base of the majestic Blueridge Mountains, the possibilities for adventure are endless.

You can paraglide over the mountain peaks and take in the views with a trained professional. This unique activity can be booked through Sky Retreat. They also offer tubing, kayaking, dance/fitness classes, and mountain biking!

Want more of a thrill? Consider seeing NC from above by checking out The Gorge - they have America's steepest and fastest zipline! You'll drop 1,100 feet and soar over nearly 18,000 acres of protected wildlife. 

Pro Tip:

Looking to save a little cash? We're right there with you. There are numerous lakes surrounding Charlotte that are completely free!

Load up the family and have a picnic on the banks of majestic Lake Lure and walk across the man-made flower bridge that spans the lake!

9. State-Of-The-Art Social Scene

You're far from the first one to fall in love with all that Charlotte has to offer. The city is a melting pot where good people come together to enjoy each other's company! 

The Queen City loves a good speakeasy. Meet new friends and sip delicious cocktails at one of our six prohibition-era bars. 

If live music is more your style, you can see what's on the setlist at one of Charlotte's many venues. Touring bands usually stop at the PNC Music Pavilion, Spectrum Center, or The BOplex when they're in NC, so you won't miss your favorite musician. 

For a more personal feel, Charlotte is home to dozens of smaller theaters, comedy clubs, and karaoke bars. One of our favorite things to do in Charlotte, NC is to catch a local up-and-coming band perform. 

Moving to Charlotte NC? 

We sure hope so. 

When you're ready to take the next steps towards moving to Charlotte, NC, let us know! Bottom Line Property Management has all the inside knowledge on the best homes for rent in Charlotte, NC. 

We'd love to get to know you, so send us a message. You can also catch up with us on all major social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Your home really is our priority. We can't wait to help you settle down and find out firsthand why we, and millions of others, love Charlotte!

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