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8 Essential Bathroom Renovation Tips for First-time Homeowners

8 Essential Bathroom Renovation Tips for First-time Homeowners

Bathrooms are, perhaps, the commonest renovation project homeowners embark on. Updating your bathroom has several benefits, which include adding value to your home, enhancing functionality, increasing energy efficiency, and creating a more peaceful oasis. Since it is usually smaller in space than a kitchen, it is quite an easier project to carry out.

While it is essential to strike a balance between your aesthetic, creative desires and your functional needs, your bathroom should reflect your style while still delivering the function and comfort you desire.

However, if you are a first-time homeowner, supervising bathroom renovations can be quite overwhelming. Therefore, in this article, let us examine practical renovation tips that can help you achieve your dream bathroom.

8 Essential Bathroom Renovation Tips for First-time Homeowners

Know Your Budget

Renovating your bathroom as a first-time homeowner can put a strain on you. Hence, it is essential to set a budget for it and stick to it. This will prevent you from going over the expected budget by knowing the exact amount you can and cannot spend on tiles, fixtures, and other bathroom extras.

Moreover, with your established budget, you can choose the quality of materials to buy and the scale of work you can carry out. Interestingly, renovating your bathroom is an excellent way you can increase the value of your property.

Select Your Bathroom Type

There are several types of bathrooms that you can select from, including the half bath, wet bathroom, and standard bathroom.

Typically, a half bath, also referred to as a powder room, features only a toilet and a sink. The standard bathroom has a bath and/or toilet, sink, and shower, while the wet bathroom is similar to a standard bathroom. However, the shower in a wet bathroom is not separated, and the whole room is waterproofed.

Evaluate the Correct Layout

Here is where an interior designer may come in handy, as you map out the most appropriate layout for the essence of maximizing space and functionality in your bathroom. Certainly, the particular shape and size of the existing space will play a role in what you can realize with your renovations.

In many cases, it is advisable to keep the already existing layout of the bathroom, particularly if you are aware of the whole cost. Yet, by moving some fixtures around, you may be able to come up with a space that better meets your taste.

Shower or Bath

For reasons ranging from personal preference or space issues, if you will not be having both a shower and a bath in your bathroom, you will need to decide between both.

There are advantages and disadvantages of the two options. For example, a shower is a convenient and space-saving option that is more practical on busy days. Baths, on the other hand, provide a touch of luxury and give room for the occupants of a home to relax with a lovely soak after a long tub.


Like in other rooms, in a bathroom, there are two lighting options, which are natural and artificial. Regarding natural lighting, it is essential to make sure that privacy is maintained. Thus, windows and skylights coupled with frosted glass in a bathroom are excellent for adding natural light, while also maintaining privacy.

In the process of renovating your bathroom, lighting should be a top priority. This is because the appropriate lighting can entirely change the feel of your bathroom, turning it from a dull, lackluster space into one that is bright and attractive.

Your lighting choices can have a huge impact on the mood of the room. For instance, soft, dim lighting can develop a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, suitable for unwinding in the bath after a stressful day. Alternatively, bright and energetic lighting can make the space feel livelier and more open.

In order to get the most out of your lighting options, you can consider using a combination of various lighting sources.


When working on a bathroom renovation, ensure you do not ignore the importance of ventilation, whether it is in the form of exhaust fans, window vents, and/or windows. Proper ventilation is vital for any bathroom, particularly if it is a small, enclosed space. Good ventilation can prevent the growth of mold and mildew, encourage improved air quality, and lower humidity levels.

Choosing Quality Bathroom Fixtures

The bathroom is a high-trafficked portion of the home. So, ensure you always select durable bathroom fixtures. Not only will quality materials refuse to succumb to damp-related problems, but they will also retain their aesthetic for several years.

Admittedly, the task of choosing the best bathroom fixtures may seem daunting due to the various options available. However, it is essential to select features that fit your chosen style and have enough functionality to meet your needs.

Furthermore, while choosing bathroom fixtures, ensure you consider the available space. This is because smaller bathrooms usually require smaller and more compact fixtures that are functional and practical. Larger bathrooms, on the flip side, can conveniently accommodate larger and more extravagant fixtures.

Pay Close Attention to Little Touches

Although fixtures like sinks, showers, toilets, and baths get the most attention in the process of a bathroom renovation, it is essential to add a little luxury. For instance, a heated floor is a lovely touch for a bathroom, even though it will add to the upfront cost.

A heated towel rail is another nice small touch that can make the experience of showering or bathing nicer. Bear in mind that little touches here and there, according to your style and functionality preferences, will play a role in making the bathroom a unique part of your new home.

Bathroom Renovation

Renovating your bathroom is a good way to improve the style and functionality of your home. It is one of the rooms that both the occupants and visitors make use of. Although it is a big project that requires thorough planning and consideration, the tips described above will enable you to have a bathroom that perfectly fits your style and needs.

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