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7 Amazing Benefits of Moving to Charlotte, NC

7 Amazing Benefits of Moving to Charlotte, NC

Did you know that Charlotte, NC ranked second among 25 cities for the most desirable place to purchase a home? Moving to Charlotte NC has become a point of interest within the past few years. 

There are many things to do in Charlotte that range from hiking nearby trails to visiting museums. Charlotte has a low unemployment rate, offering a variety of jobs to its newest residents. 

But these are only a few perks that Charlotte has to offer. In this article, you'll learn about why you should move to Charlotte and how to make moving easier.

Keep reading to learn about the seven benefits you'll experience when moving to Charlotte, NC!

Cost of Living

The median home price in Charlotte is $178,000. Not to mention that the median monthly rent is $966 and there are multiple homes for rent in Charlotte NC. 

It is easy to find something that suits your budget in Charlotte. 

There are plenty of things to do in Charlotte and even more things to do in North Carolina. With a low cost of living and plenty of job opportunities, you will be able to do it all. 

Neighborhood Selection

There is a large neighborhood selection in Charlotte, NC. Not only do you have different wards within the city, but also suburbs surrounding it. 

For college students, University City is a Charlotte neighborhood surrounding the University of North Carolina. It is also a great place for business.

There are four wards in Charlotte that offer different experiences. The first ward is mostly living quarters, but it is becoming a place of commercial projects and transportation due to the growth of Charlotte. 

The second ward is the city government center and does not have many residential homes. The third ward is home to the Bank of America Stadium and comes alive at night with neighborhood bars, breweries, and baseball. 

The fourth ward is the most popular with Victorian architecture and quiet streets. It is within walking distance of Uptown dining, job opportunities, and more. 

At least 19 neighborhoods are available to choose from in Charlotte. NoDa, or North Davidson, is considered the arts district, whereas Foxcroft is a more scenic suburb with landscaping and tree-lined roads.

Bustling City

During the day, Charlotte is a place of hustle and bustle with employees commuting to work and children going to school. At night, the city's nightlife comes out.

In the Center City, you'll find bars, restaurants, pubs, events, music, and more. Music in Charlotte includes rock, jazz, country, bluegrass, and hip-hop. The music is mostly live and free to attend.

If you're looking for family activities, there are plenty of options from restaurants to movies in the park.


Charlotte NC offers a festival for everyone! If you're looking for fun activities and entertainment opportunities, here's a list of a few festivals that take place in the city:

  • Festival in the Park
  • Kings Drive Art Walk
  • The Latin-American Festival
  • Charlotte New Music Festival 
  • Queen City Brewers Festival
  • Moo & Brew Fest

Most of these festivals are kid-friendly, so feel free to bring your whole family. The Festival in the Park, for example, takes place in Freedom Park.

Even without the festival taking place, this park already has tons to offer including 12 tennis courts, baseball fields, a seven-acre lake, four soccer fields, and walking trails. There is also the famous Master Gardener Demonstration Garden to explore. 

Outdoor Activities

One of the most popular things to do in Charlotte is golf. There are many different golf courses within the city and in the surrounding area. These include the Charlotte Country Club, Quail Hollow Club, and Myers Park Country Club.

And about a two-hour drive away is the Pinehurst No. 2 course, where men and women play in the U.S. Open. 

If you don't like golfing, there are a ton of mountains for you to hike. The Crowders Mountain State Park is about a 40-minute drive from Charlotte. You can even rent a canoe and explore the lake!

Charlotte does not border any oceans, but that doesn't mean you can't go to the beach. Lake Norman is the most popular in the area. If you still want to go to the beach, it is only about a three-hour drive if you're set on making the trip.


There is a reason why many NASCAR drivers live in and around the Charlotte area. The Hendrick Motorsports Complex, Charlotte Motor Speedway, and the NASCAR Hall of Fame are all in Charlotte.

Within Charlotte, there are naturally many NASCAR fans. It can be a fun activity to go watch the annual Sprint Cup Series while you're there. 


Temperatures in Charlotte range from 42 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit on average. If you're not a fan of the snow, then this is the place for you!

During the winter, Charlotte will mostly receive rainfall and only see snow once or twice a year. But if you do enjoy the snow, you can travel to the close-by mountains for some skiing. 

Charlotte is a place of all four seasons. Summers in Charlotte can get hot and maybe a bit muggy. But that is the case with every city. It isn't as hot as Florida or Texas. 

The Importance of Property Management

If you're renting your property in Charlotte, it is recommended that you go through a property manager. A property manager will help take care of the details included in renting and make your life easier.

Not only can you go through a property manager to rent a home, but you can also rent out your properties through them. If you own multiple rental properties, a manager will help screen tenants, deal with repairs, and more.

Moving to Charlotte NC

Moving to Charlotte NC is extremely rewarding. Not only do you gain these seven benefits above, but it is a new chapter of your life to experience. 

No matter how many moving tips you receive, it can seem like it doesn't get easier, which is why you should consider going through a property manager.

If you're interested in viewing homes for rent in Charlotte NC, contact us so that we can help you!

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